What's New in Version 7.1.1?

TimeControl 7.1 Logo
HMS is delighted to announce the launch of TimeControl and TimeControl Industrial 7.1.1 This update to the TimeControl 7 family includes two new features and one significantly updated feature that we believe will be advantageous to both existing and new TimeControl clients. .
Here is more detail on the new and enhanced features you’ll be seeing in this version:

Link to BrightWork

TimeControl now includes a direct integration with the popular BrightWork collaborative project and portfolio management system. BrightWork is based on the SharePoint platform and TimeControl’s link supports both BrightWork on premise and BrightWork Online as part of Office 365 and SharePoint Online. The bi-directional link allows project and task information to move automatically to TimeControl on a schedule or on demand and for TimeControl timesheet hours, costs, expense costs and task progress to move back to BrightWork on an automatic schedule or on demand. This link brings collaborative project and portfolio management together with finance-quality timesheets.
For more information on integrating TimeControl and BrightWork, visit: TimeControl.com/use-cases/brightwork.

Link to Microsoft Project Online

TimeControl has had a link with Microsoft Project since 1995 and has supported every version of Project since. TimeControl was one of the first products in the world to integrate with Microsoft Project Server back in 2002 which earned HMS a “First to Market” award from Microsoft. Now TimeControl includes a link to Microsoft Project Online, Microsoft’s in-the-cloud subscription service of Project Server. The bi-directional link uses new technology made available from Microsoft for linking with their multi-tenant subscription service. The Microsoft Project Online link moves project, task and assignment information to TimeControl automatically on a schedule or on demand and moves actual progress hours back to Project either automatically on a schedule or on demand.
For more information on integrating TimeControl and Project Online, visit: TimeControl.com/use-cases/ms-project-online.

Link to SharePoint

TimeControl Industrial’s core is built around the Crew Timesheet. This addition to the classic TimeControl interface allows field data collection to amass high volumes of production values and enter them in a single interface. This version of TimeControl has a completely rewritten version of the TimeControl Crew Timesheet which is built in TimeControl’s multi-device, multi-browser architecture. There is no longer any ActiveX to be installed or anything else that is required on the browser. The Crew Timesheet now works with virtually any browser including Firefox, Safari, Chrome, Mozilla, and of course, Internet Explorer. There are other tools within the TimeControl Industrial Crew timesheet including the timesheet worksheet, materials entry and much, much more.
For more information on integration TimeControl and SharePoint, visit: TimeControl.com/use-cases/sharepoint

How to upgrade

If you have a current service agreement for TimeControl you can download the new version on the support/updates page. For more information on TimeControl 7.1.1 or our upgrade services, please fill in a contact request at email info@hms.ca or call +1 514 695-8122.