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    TimeControl Solutions

    When considering enterprise timesheet software, it's best to think of what business challenge implementing a timesheet system such as TimeControl can solve for you. TimeControl has been designed with many purposes in mind.

    Our experience since 1984 has been that many organizations end up implementing more than one type of timesheet. There's one timesheet for time and attendance which is typically used by the Payroll department. Another timesheet may be implemented to track time off and flex time, usually managed by the Human Resources department. Yet another timesheet is used for billing and another may be implemented as part of the project management system for project tracking.

    TimeControl was designed to fulfill several of these timesheet roles simultaneously. At its core, TimeControl tracks time on a task-by-task project-by-project basis. Yet it is, fundamentally a financial timesheet system with all the controls necessary to fulfill the needs of payroll, human resources and finance. Our intention is that TimeControl eliminate the need for implementing multiple timesheets in the same organization. TimeControl's flexibility makes it the right choice for many different needs.

    We have identified below just some of the business challenges that you can adopt TimeControl to solve. Click on any of the solutions identified below to find specific materials that may be of interest to you. Also, remember, TimeControl is designed to fulfill multiple solutions at one time and configuring TimeControl for any of the timesheet requirements below still means you can simultaneously configure for any of the others.

     Moving from Excel timesheets to TimeControl
    Many organizations create their first timesheet in Excel but as the organization grows, the importance of a more robust timesheet grows too as the cost and effort of maintaining an in-house Excel-based timesheets becomes more and more challenging. See the benefits of moving from an Excel timesheet system to TimeControl and how easy and familiar deploying TimeControl is for organizations that have started with Excel timesheets in the TimeControl and Excel Solution area.

     The Matrix Approval Process for Labor ActualsTM
    HMS Software's trademarked process for managing timesheets in a matrix environment is at the core of why TimeControl can support both project and organizational approvals within the same process. This solutions area describes more about the Matrix Approval Process concept.

     TimeControl and the Human Resources (HR) Department
    TimeControl was designed from the very start to support the needs of the HR department. This solutions area shows some of TimeControl's functionality that is HR specific as well as some of the benefits that come from using TimeControl in an HR context. Find out more on the TimeControl for Human Resources solutions page.

     TimeControl and ERP/Finance Systems
    Virtually every ERP and Finance System comes with its own timesheet yet, in some organizations these timesheets are never deployed. In other organizations ERP timesheets systems are deployed and become only one of several timesheets that are maintained. TimeControl's flexibility is the ideal solution to complement ERP systems because of all the different roles it can fulfill. Find out more in the TimeControl and ERP/Finance Systems solutions area.

     TimeControl and Contractor Management
    In today's age of HR partnering, outsourcing and the virtual organization, being able to effectively manage your contractors is an essential skill. This use-case solution portal shows how you can use TimeControl to make significant improvements in how you manage contract personnel. Moving both internal and external resources onto a single timesheet system can pay back massive benefits. Find out how this could be of benefit to you in the TimeControl and Contractor Management solution portal.

     TimeControl in the Public Sector
    Public Sector organizations have particular challenges when selecting and deploying a timesheet. TimeControl has been a popular choice with public sector organizations at the municipal, regional, state/provincial and federal levels since its first release and is in use in public sector in Canada, the US, Australia, the UK and Europe. Find out more on the TimeControl in Public Sector Organizations solutions page.

     Project Tracking
    Most project management systems include some kind of timesheet system. They are often integrated with functionality to update the project schedule with progress information. TimeControl is designed to link to numerous project systems including Microsoft Project, Project Server, Oracle-Primavera and, Deltek's Open Plan and Cobra. See more on how to link TimeControl to your project system in the Project Tracking Timesheet Solution.

     Integrating TimeControl and Primavera
    TimeControl has had a link to Primavera's scheduling systems since 1997. Indeed, some of our largest deployments of TimeControl have been done in conjunction with Primavera's products. We maintain links from TimeControl with every Primavera scheduling system version from P3 to the current version 6.

     Integrate TimeControl and Hard Dollar's HD PCM
    Integrating TimeControl Industrial and Hard Dollar's HD PCM project estimating and cost control system makes for a powerful project control environment. Bring Field Data Collection with TimeControl Industrial together with extensive cost modeling that comes with HD PCM. Extend your integration even further by integrating scheduling with Oracle-Primavera or Microsoft Project to provide a complete picture of your projects. Find out more on the TimeControl / Hard Dollar Solution Portal.

     Integrate TimeControl, HD PCM and P6 into one Project Control environment
    When HMS designed TimeControl Industrial to integrate Hard Dollar's HD PCM project estimating and cost control system we knew already that Hard Dollar and Primavera had a working integration themselves. Given that TimeControl also links to Primavera, we designed the HD PCM link so that it can work in collaboration with the Primavera P6 link. The result is remarkable. You can now integrate TimeControl Industrial (or TimeControl), Hard Dollar's HD PCM and Oracle-Primavera's P6 into one powerful project control environment where the best of each product is used to control an aspect of the project. Find out more on the TimeControl / Hard Dollar HD PCM / Primavera P6 Solution Portal.

     Integrating TimeControl and Microsoft Project Standard / Professional on the desktop
    TimeControl links to both Microsoft Project and Project Server and supports a mixed environment where multiple versions can be supported simultaneously. TimeControl has had a link to Microsoft Project since 1995.

     Integrating TimeControl and Microsoft Project Server
    TimeControl links to both Microsoft Project and Project Server and supports a mixed environment where multiple versions can be supported simultaneously. TimeControl has had a link to every version of Microsoft Project Server since its first release in 2002.

     Integrating TimeControl and VersionOne
    VersionOne is a powerful Agile Enterprise Project Management System. VersionOne and HMS have collaborated to integrate TimeControl with VersionOne to allow organiztions to provide a single source of timeshee entry which can bi-directionally link with VersionOne but also provide Finance timesheet information at the same time from the same source.

     Deltek's Open Plan and Cobra
    TimeControl got its start in the mid-80s as customized code written for our very first customer who needed to integrate a timesheet with Open Plan. TimeControl is a Deltek ISV (Independent Software Vendor) partner and maintains links between TimeControl and both Deltek Open Plan and Cobra.

     Timesheet Best Practices
    When we hear the term “timesheet best practices” we think from at least two perspectives: Organizations and Individuals so you’ll find the best practice information on the Timesheet Best Practices page divided, where possible into organizational and individual best practices so you can find our recommended best practices quickly.

     TimeControl and SharePoint
    TimeControl already includes a powerful interface, but did you know that you can also install TimeControl right inside a SharePoint site? Users still get the power of TimeControl but never have to leave SharePoint to do so. For organizations who have adopted the Microsoft SharePoint Services or SharePoint Portal Server solution, TimeControl may be the answer to getting faster timesheet compliance and easier adoption of a timesheet system. See more on how to integrate TimeControl into your SharePoint environment in the TimeControl and SharePoint Solution.

     Using TimeControl, MS Project and SharePoint to create an EPM Environment
    While TimeControl includes links to Microsoft Project Server, there are still over 20 million people using Microsoft Project Standard and Professional for their project scheduling needs. With the incredible rise of SharePoint as a collaboration tool, there are many executives who are looking to use both these tools as cornerstones of an organizational project management system. The missing element is time. We'll show you how to create a project management system for the enterprise using Microsoft Project Standard or Project Professional along with SharePoint and TimeControl.

     Time and Billing
    In many project-oriented organization, billing is a critical component of the enterprise. The TimeControl timesheet system provides tremendous flexibility in a Time and Billing Scenario. In particular, TimeControl's ability to use unlimited codes and thousands of rate codes per employee allows TimeControl to be used both from a Contractor perspective to create billing data and from a Client perspective to validate bills being received. See more on how to use TimeControl as part of your Invoicing environment in the Time and Billing Timesheet Solution.

     Time and Attendance
    Payroll depends on knowing when people are working or not in order to create an accurate payroll. Also, many countries and jurisdictions have established stringent criteria for tracking and reporting of employee time. TimeControl's remarkable flexibility makes it an ideal Time and Attendance timesheet system. Overtime, flex-time, banked hours, time off definitions for an unlimited number of leave types are all handled easily with TimeControl. See more on how to use TimeControl to track employee attendance in the Time and Attendance Timesheet Solution.

     Research and Development Tracking
    Many organizations have financial obligations to track efforts spent on Research and Development. TimeControl's extensive coding structure allows R&D time to be tracked as a natural part of timesheet entry. R&D costs can be tracked distinctly from capitalized costs and from project costs and tracked down to the employee and task level. Reports can include R&D vs. non-R&D costs and any level of detail required. See more on how to use TimeControl as part of your Invoicing environment in the Research and Development Timesheet Solution.

     Defense Contract Audit Agency Compliance
    If your organization does work for the US Defense Department, you may be asked to comply with timesheet requirements set by the Defense Contract Audit Agency (DCAA). TimeControl is often used in this type of scenario because of its extensive flexibility and ability to be configured to match the stringent requirements of the DCAA. See more on how to use TimeControl as part of your Invoicing environment in the DCAA Timesheet Solution.

    Other TimeControl Information:

    Free Trial:

    Try TimeControl for free!
    You can evaluate TimeControl right now! You can evaluate TimeControl right now by registering for the free online hosted trial. You'll see TimeControl in action and won't need to install the system to do so.



    TimeControl Overview
    The Matrix Approval process that is enabled by TimeControl allows both project management and finance to approve timesheet hours and costs within the same process. This webcast shows how line-item timesheet approval and sequential timesheet approval can be a huge problem for matrix organizations and how TimeControl's Matrix Approval Process can empower both parts of the organization.

    On-premises or On-line?
    So, you like all the functionality TimeControl has to offer but you're not sure whether to consider purchasing TimeControl for an on-premises installation or to subscribe to TimeControlOnline, the hosted timesheet service in the cloud. This webcast looks at the pros and cons of each choice and gives you some basic questions to ask yourself when thinking about which option would be best for your organization. You can also see the slides from this webcast here.


    PowerPoint Presentations:

    TimeControl 6 Overview presentation
    This slideshow shows some of the basic features and benefits of using TimeControl.


    Screen Shots:

    Screenshot collection
    See our collection of TimeControl screenshots illustrating all aspects of functionality


    TimeControl brochure
    This is a general overview of TimeControl's capabilities in a 4-page brochure.

    On Premises or Online?
    This factsheet looks at choosing between purchasing TimeControl for an on-premises installation vs. subscribing to the TimeControlOnline hosted timesheet service. There are numerous factors to consider and this 4-page factsheet gives an overview of some of the questions to think about.


    White Papers:

    The Timesheet Approvals Challenge
    Selecting a timesheet can be daunting as there are many different types of timesheets to choose from. Do you need a time and attendance system? Time and Billing? What about Project Tracking? When you are looking for one timesheet to fulfill multiple purposes, choosing a timesheet is even more difficult. HMS has dealt with thousands of companies who have looked for a single timesheet for multiple purposes and the timesheet selection inevitably focuses on how to do approvals for different purposes. Overcoming the Timesheet Approvals Challenge shows how to use TimeControl's Matrix Approval ProcessTM to enable a single timesheet entry to serve multiple purposes.


    For more information:

    Contact us:
    Complete a Request for information to have one of our representatives contact you to discuss how TimeControl can assist you in creating a timesheet environment that supports a matrix organization.

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