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    Timesheet Best Practices

    This solution portal area is dedicated to how you can get the most out of timesheets and timesheet systems. Much of this material is generic to any multi-purpose timesheet system and some if it is TimeControl-specific. We hope you find it all of use.

    When we hear the term “timesheet best practices” we think from at least two perspectives. First, what is the best practice from the organization’s point of view? We might for example, identify a huge advantage to the organization of tracking research and development tax credit information in a timesheet. Secondly, we look at what is the best practice from an individual’s point of view. We might for example, want to let people know how much time they should devote to timesheet entry each week. So you’ll find the best practice information on this page divided where possible into organizational and individual best practices so you can find our recommended best practices quickly.


    Executive Perspective
    This wWhite paper describes some of the return on investment benefits that become possible when an organization deploys a centralized multi-purpose timesheet like TimeControl. There are numerous possible avenues of benefit along with quotes from HMS clients. The paper focuses on TimeControl-specific benefits, but some of these returns on investment are possible regardless of which timesheet is selected

    Increase Resource Capacity
    As project managers we often think of resource capacity as finite. We reduce it by reducing staff. We increase it by increasing staff. Yet, Project Management as a culture has become so ingrained in our corporate world that it often becomes a silo of its own. Does Project Management know what is happening beyond its own borders? Does it know what time is being spent on non-project tasks and what those tasks are? For organizations who are willing to integrate both project and non-project timesheet collection, the potential benefits are vast. This white paper describes actual HMS client examples where organizations were able to increase their project resource capacity through the implementation of timesheet best practices.

    Have a Timesheet Process
    It's commonly forgotten but compliance is tough to come by if you have not published your timesheet process. When we're asked to write such guides, our staff think of timesheet processes first from the Administrator, Supervisor and Individual perspectives and then we assemble proceses by incident (such as hiriing a new employee or starting a new project) or by period (such what must happen each week or each payroll period). If you're interested in a template to start your own processes off, download the TimeControl Process Template.

    Best Practices Q & A
    We gave a list of questions that we often receive from organizations considering a timesheet system and asked our technical staff to respond to them. You'll find both the questions and answers on the Best Practices Q & A page.


    Timesheet Best Practices
    Whether you are a TimeControl user or not, this presentation may be of interest to you. HMS has been delivering timesheet systems to organizations since 1984 and over the years we have compiled some best practices which are useful to anyone deploying or using a timesheet system. The Timesheet best practices webcast and associated slides are designed to share these best practices with you.

    Timesheet and Project Dashboards
    In today's economy, having a real-time dashboard of information can be critical to making key decisions in a timely manner. This webinar shows how to create dashboards for timesheet and project management information, discusses the challenges in creating a good dashboard and shows how you can leverage TimeControl's extensive dashboard functionality to deliver the right information in the right format to the right people. We'll even show you how to embed an Excel Spreadsheet view right into the TimeControl dashboard.

    Know your timesheet system
    No one comes to work in the morning excited to do their timesheet. You'll see your timesheet when it's the only thing between you and leaving for the day, so learn how to get what you need done in your timesheet as quickly as possible. TimeControl has numerous 3-4 minute web-lessons to teach basic functions. If you're a TimeControl user, check them out!

    TimeControl Blog
    We keep the TimeControl blog not only to keep our users up to date on the latest and greatest about TimeControl but also to share tips, techniques and best practices on how to make the most out of your timesheet system. You'll find webcasts, slides, screen shots and more here on ways you can use your timesheet software that you might never have thought of. Take a look at blog.timecontrol.com.

    Do it on your mobile!
    You should not be restricted to your Desktop PC to do your timesheet. On the train? Bus? You should be able to do your timesheet on your cell phone. Ask your IT department to make sure they choose a timesheet with mobile functionality. This page shows you how TimeControl's works. With TimeControl Mobile (included with every TimeControl) you can add, edit or approve timesheets from wherever you are!

    Best Practices Q & A
    Individuals often ask questions of our TimeControl Administrators or our own HMS TimeControl implementation specialists during a deployment of TimeControl. We've assembled some of the most common questions into this Timesheet Best Practices Q & A page.


    For more information on TimeControl and using TimeControl effectively see some of the resources below.

    Free Trial:

    Try TimeControl for free!
    You can evaluate TimeControl right now! You can evaluate TimeControl right now by registering for the free online hosted trial. You'll see TimeControl in action and won't need to install the system to do so.


    TimeControl Overview
    The Matrix Approval process that is enabled by TimeControl allows both project management and finance to approve timesheet hours and costs within the same process. This webcast shows how line-item timesheet approval and sequential timesheet approval can be a huge problem for matrix organizations and how TimeControl's Matrix Approval Process can empower both parts of the organization.


    TimeControl brochure
    This is a general overview of TimeControl's capabilities in a 4-page brochure.

    TimeControl and ERP
    A brief overview of how TimeControl can be linked to both your ERP/Finance system and a project management system.

    Free Trial:

    Try TimeControl for free!
    You can evaluate TimeControl right now! You can evaluate TimeControl right now by registering for the free online hosted trial. You'll see TimeControl in action and won't need to install the system to do so.

    Buyer's Guide:

    TimeControl Buyer's Guide
    We've assembled some key resources in our TimeControl Buyer's Guide solution area which can help you choose what type of timesheet to use and if TimeControl is your choice whether to purchase TimeControl for an on-premises installation or subscribe to our TimeControlOnline hosted timesheet service.

    Presentations: PowerPoint Presentations:

    TimeControl 6 Overview presentation
    This slideshow shows some of the basic features and benefits of using TimeControl. Screen Shots:

    Screenshot collection
    See our collection of TimeControl screenshots illustrating all aspects of functionality

    For more information:

    Contact us:
    Complete a Request for information to have one of our representatives contact you to discuss how TimeControl has assisted other companies in creating a time and billing solution.

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