TimeControl Et SharePoint

Having a SharePoint timesheet can be accomplished by installing TimeControl within your SharePoint environment and allowing users to access their timesheet software without leaving the familiar SharePoint interface.

SharePoint has become one of the most popular collaborate platforms in the world and TimeControl has worked alongside it since its creation.

While TimeControl is designed with its own powerful multi-browser web-based interface, organizations that have already embraced SharePoint as their corporate intranet or collaboration environment may wish to keep as many applications within the familiarity of SharePoint as possible.

TimeControl and SharePoint Dashboard
TimeControl within Sharepoint Dashboard

TimeControl can interrelate with SharePoint in several ways.

First, the TimeControl web-based interface was designed knowing that some organizations would wish to display TimeControl right inside of the SharePoint worksite. Instructions on implementing TimeControl in this way are included in the TimeControl installation guide. This provides SharePoint users with an uninterrupted user experience of the TimeControl timesheet. No longer will they need to leave SharePoint to go to a very different looking application to do their work. They can remain right inside of the SharePoint portal and update their timesheet right there.

Click on the screenshots at the right to see a full-size example of TimeControl installed in a SharePoint site. If you've customized your SharePoint site with different colors and styles, TimeControl can adapt as well. The TimeControl CSS file can be adapted to change backgrounds and fonts if required.

TimeControl SharePoint Timesheet
TimeControl within Sharepoint Timesheet

Next, TimeControl is designed with a highly flexible module for linking data from external sources. For example, you can create a task list in SharePoint then easily save that list in an Excel format and let TimeControl import it. This is made even easier in SharePoint but can be accomplished even in SharePoint 2002. We've made a short webcast showing TimeControl working within SharePoint and even showing the movement of task data from SharePoint to TimeControl.

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TimeControl Timesheet Screenshot Thumbnail

Finally, TimeControl's data is based on a SQL database. Using the SharePoint Business Intelligence Center, you can mine data from the TimeControl database and weave it with other corporate data to make dashboards and performance metrics indicators available right from SharePoint.

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