TimeControl Online Service supports International Data Locations

TimeControl Online, HMS Software’s Timesheet as a Service in the cloud allows clients to locate their data in numerous international locations to support international data privacy laws.

Montreal, Canada, October 13, 2020 – TimeControl Online is HMS Software’s Timesheet subscription service in the cloud. It has operated continuously since 2011 and is used by hundreds of organizations and tens of thousands of users worldwide. Since the adoption by the European Union of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), HMS has offered a “Data Location Option” for TimeControl data to be located in one of a number of countries to comply with local privacy regulations.

“Data Location isn’t critical for many organizations,” explains Chris Vandersluis, HMS Software’s President. “TimeControl is, after all, a service that is provided on a business-to-business basis directly to organizations and not directly to clients. However, for organizations where data location is critical, we are happy to provide the Data Location Service.”

HMS currently offers their Data Location Service as an annual option to their TimeControl Online subscription system. Currently, HMS has data locations offered in the US, Canada, The UK, Europe and Australia but other locations are possible.

“TimeControl Online is leveraged through Amazon Web Services,” says Stephen Eyton-Jones, the HMS Software Director of Technical Services. “The system is already a multi-server environment so locating data in one of Amazon’s many data centers while maintaining the underlying architecture and security is reasonably simple from a technical standpoint.”

The Data Location Option of TimeControl Online is available to any client on an annual basis. Fees differ based on the number of users and location selected.

To find out more about TimeControl Online’s Data Location option, visit: TimeControl.net.

About TimeControl

TimeControl was originally released in 1994. It was immediately successful in the project management sector and today is recognized not only as a project management solution, but also as an enterprise timesheet solution in use by companies worldwide. TimeControl is designed as a multipurpose timesheet able to serve the needs of both Finance and Project Management simultaneously. It includes features such as a multi-browser, multi-device interface, a free Mobile App for Android and Apple devices, vacation approvals, executive dashboards, extensive approval functionality, flexible reporting and links to project management and corporate systems which makes the timesheet product ideally suited for integration with existing systems in any organization. TimeControl’s flexibility allows it to be deployed for use simultaneously as a time and attendance, time and billing, project tracking and flex-time system. TimeControl and TimeControl Industrial are available both as an on-line subscription in the Cloud and for purchase for an on-premises installation.

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About HMS Software

Based in Montreal, Canada with offices in Toronto, HMS Software has been a leading provider of project management and enterprise timesheet systems and services since 1984. HMS Software's first customized timesheet application was written in 1984. With the launch of TimeControl as a commercial application in 1994, HMS Software began servicing clients worldwide.

HMS Software's client list reads like a who's who of business. It includes Aegion, CANAM, CAE, the City of Montreal, CRIM, Electromotive Diesel, EXFO, Foster Wheeler, Kelly Services, the Government of Quebec, Pontoon Solutions, Reebok-CCM, Rolls Royce, Sandoz, SEFA, Volvo Novabus, Zoetis, and hundreds of others.

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