Why do we have more than one timesheet and can we reduce the number?

There are so many types of timesheets, that it is very common to find organizations with more than one. There may be one timesheet for time and attendance to use for payroll, another timesheet for time and attendance by exception to manage time off such as vacation or sick leave, another timesheet for a department to do time and billing whether for internal or external invoicing. There may be still another timesheet tied to a project scheduling system to do actual effort-to-date and estimate to complete and yet other timesheets for government compliance of one type or another.

To reduce the number of timesheets you must find a timesheet system that can be more than one thing at one time. A multi-function timesheet that performs more than one of these functions can displace two or more of the single-purpose timesheets and make life easier not only for the users but also the IT and Finance departments which must support multiple points of entry.