Training Services

Our sales staff are often asked about what training is required for TimeControl. Usually, people are asking about end-user training and the answer to that is that end users require no training to use TimeControl. We are of the opinion that if a timesheet is so complex that end-users must be trained to use it, we're in serious trouble.

There are, however, several categories of user that may wish training. These people will be involved with TimeControl on a more complex basis. This includes the TimeControl Administrator and technical staff who must support the use of TimeControl across the organization or who must integrate TimeControl's data to other systems in the organization. We have prepared two training courses, which may be of interest to you.

  • TimeControl Administrator Refresher Course
    TimeControl Administrator Refresher Course

    During our QuikStart implementations, Administrators are usually trained on-the-job during the initial deployment of TimeControl. However, it is not uncommon for staff to change and, from time to time, a new Administrator may become responsible for TimeControl who was not involved with the original implementation and who needs to be brought up to speed on how the system is configured and in what other options are available for expansion of the system. The Administrator Refresher course is designed for this purpose.

  • TimeControl Implementer Course
    TimeControl Implementer Course

    In larger or more complex implementations, a client may wish to train their own on-site technical personnel. This course was originally designed for our own technical consultants and to train our international technical partners. It is now available to our clients.