TimeControl includes an easy to use system for requesting approval for time in the future. TimeRequest is most popularly used for vacation requests but its design allows it to do much more.

When users open the TimeRequest module, they are presented with a list of requests they have already created. The can instantly see what has been approved in the past and the status of requests made for the future. Entering a new TimeRequest is very simple. The user enters a description, a range of dates and then selects from the possible choices the administrator has defined of time to request. Vacation or personal time off are common choices but other choices might include training time, travel time or even overtime. The rate code can then define if the time to be taken should come from a special bank or from the regular time allocated per employee. The employee can even define how many hours should be taken per day.

TimeControl Timerequest Detail List
TimeControl Timerequest Detail List

Supervisors who enter the TimeRequest module will see the requests of their staff along with their own. A sinple click will release the request for approval along the standard pre-defined release path or reject it back to the employee.

Once a TimeRequest is approved, it will automatically appear as a pre-loaded entry in the future timesheet for which it was created. A simple TimeControl validation rule can determine that this type of time is only taken if it has been approved in advanced through a TimeRequest.