What's New in TimeControl Version 8.1?

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TimeControl and TimeControl Industrial version 8.1 are a major update to the TimeControl 8 family of editions with significant new and enhanced features.

Here is more detail on the new and enhanced features in this version:

Mobile Materials

For TimeControl Industrial Users, the free TimeControl Mobile App contains a whole new module. Non-labor entries can now be done in the mobile app. This allows material consumption, equipment usage and production accomplished to be entered right in the field while doing Crew Entry for Labor collection. This new module allows the TimeControl Material Creation of new Entries, editing of existing entries and approvals right in the mobile device. The free TimeControl Mobile App is available on Google Play for Android devices and the Apple Store for iOS devices.

Enhanced System Preferences

We’ve added a number of new controls in the System Preferences area which are used for performance enhancement or for customizing the view of TimeControl. We’ve also moved several remaining configuration items from the .INI file to System Preferences or the User Profiles so that TimeControl Online Administrators can take advantage of them as easily as TimeControl on-premise clients.

Enhanced Calendar View

This version of TimeControl includes a much-enhanced Calendar View as TimeControl shifts into more functionality for project planning and control. The Calendar View now uses screen real estate much more efficiently and the height of rows can increase, allowing for multiple tasks per row. Also, items which span more than one day are now made into a longer bar.

Integration with Project for the Web

TimeControl has included integration with every version of Microsoft Project since 1995 and we’re not about to stop now. Microsoft’s newest addition to the Project Family is called Project for the Web or “The New Microsoft Project” (in licensing terms, Project Plan 1). This version of TimeControl has import only integration with Project for the Web (Microsoft doesn’t yet support sending data back to the product.

New Report Templates

We have added numerous new report template formats and reviewed some existing ones. There are about a dozen new reports to try including Time and Materials Reports for TimeControl Industrial and other reports in Pivot Grid formats. Here are just a few examples:

  • Timesheet Images
    Timesheet Images

    This report shows multiple timesheet details at a time with the status of the timesheet on the right and the tasks and hours that have been entered per day. Like all TimeControl This report can be filtered in any way desired.

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  • TimeControl Charge Quarter Year Employee Hours and Costs Report
    Hours and Costs by Date/Charge/Employee

    TimeControl includes a number of pre-defined reports and allows a virtually unlimited number of user-defined reports. This report shows hours and costs summarized by time period and employee for each charge code.

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  • TimeControl Project Cost Summary Report
    Employee / Rate Code hours

    TimeControl includes a number of pre-defined reports and allows a virtually unlimited number of user-defined reports. This report shows a summary of costs per project.

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  • Project Summary by Project Owner
    Project Summary by Project Owner

    TimeControl includes a number of pre-defined reports and allows a virtually unlimited number of user-defined reports. This report shows a summary of hours and cost per project and within each project per charge code.

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  • Charge Code List
    Charge Code List

    This simple list shows all charge codes by project along with their Start and End times and their status.

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  • Assignment Complete by Resource
    Assignment Complete by Resource

    This report shows different Employees and identified the tasks they were assigned, the budget of that task, the actual work complete and the percent complete. It’s a good format for Project Tracking.

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  • Employee Hours by Project
    Employee Hours by Project

    This report shows approved and posted hours by project and demonstrates how graphics and text can be merged together in a single TimeControl report to improve visibility of certain data. This shows the comparison of two projects and effort spent on internal work with the details below.

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  • Project Sign-off
    Project Sign-off

    This report combines Time and (for TimeControl Industrial Users) Materials into a single sign off report. Detailed hours and costs per task are displayed along with billing costs and notes. This is the last page of the report showing the signing block.

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  • Time and Materials Invoice
    Time and Materials Invoice

    This report shows both Time and for TimeControl Industrial Users, Materials in a single summary report by task. The report shows quantity and price totals as well as notes from entries.

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  • Project Budget vs. Actuals
    Project Budget vs. Actuals

    TThis report shows summary information by project including the budgeted hours and costs and totals the values. Like all TimeControl reports, this report could be filtered to show any number of projects.

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  • Project Hours by Time Period
    Project Hours by Time Period

    This report takes hours and displays them across customized time periods. These time periods do not need to be exactly the same length. The Report totals hours by does a similar summary by client.

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  • Employee Banks Summary by Employee
    Employee Banks Summary by Employee

    This report will be of interest for both Human Resources as well as department supervisors as it shows the status in Time Off Banks by Employee. This report is a good audit tool to show the status of Vacation, Sick Leave, Personal Time off and any other banks which have been defined.

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  • Employee Banks Detail
    Employee Banks Detail

    This is a detailed look at the activities within the bank and is organized by Employee, then by Bank Type then by Time. This is very helpful to supervisors or even individuals to see exactly when they earned time for Vacation, Sick Leave and Personal Time Off and when the took time from those banks and what the balance is for each bank.

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  • Employee Hours by Year, Quarter, Month
    Employee Hours by Year, Quarter, Month

    An excellent format for seeing where Employees have worked over time with data grouped by Year then Quarter then Month. This report, like all TimeControl reports can be filtered at run time to show only certain date ranges.

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  • TimeControl Report Charge / Week Ending / Employee Hours Report
    Charge / Week Ending / Employee Hours Report

    Charge / Week Ending / Employee Hours Report TimeControl includes a number of pre-defined reports and allows a virtually unlimited number of user-defined reports. This report shows data summarized by charge number and week.

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There’s so much more. Improved error handling, performance increases and useability enhancements across the system.

How to upgrade

If you have a current service agreement for TimeControl you can download the new version on the support/updates page. For more information on the latest TimeControl features or our upgrade services, please fill in a contact request at email info@hms.ca or call +1 514 695-8122.

TimeControl Online users will be updated automatically in the coming weeks.