Moving from Excel timesheets to TimeControl

Thousands of organizations use Excel to design their first timesheet system. But, as an organization grows, the costs of using Excel for timesheets can be signficant. Here are the advantages of moving from Excel timesheets to the TimeControl timesheet system.

Timesheets have been being created in Microsoft's Excel since it first came onto the market. Moving from Excel to TimeControl at first glance, it would seem to be a natural fit. Looking at a timesheet interface from any timesheet system in the world and it always looks like some kind of spreadsheet grid.

Excel to TimeControl

There are columns and rows that track things to charge time against and the periods of time to charge time in. At the right and bottom of the grid are sub totals showing the sums of each column and row. What could be a better fit than a spreadsheet for showing this interface?

First impressions can be deceiving. While many organizations start with Excel timesheets using one of the many free online templates or creating their own, they soon find that just getting the spreadsheet interface filled out is only the first part of the timesheet exercise.

Let HMS show you how TimeControl can provide advantages that take timesheets well beyond the Excel model. Excel may be a great place to start for the simplest of organizations but once the number of people filling out timesheets starts to grow and data starts to accumulate, the interest in a full timesheet system like TimeControl may be of more interest. Take a look at our Webcast, Fachtsheet and PowerPoint slides to see how easy it is to move from Excel timesheets to TimeControl.

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