TimeControl and Oracle-Primavera

Trying to choose a timesheet that can fulfill multiple requirements from the same interface is a daunting challenge. HMS Software and Oracle-Primavera have teamed up to help make timesheet collection as easy as possible.

HMS Software's TimeControl is a multi-function timesheet specifically designed to collect labor actuals and project progress for project-oriented businesses. Using TimeControl, a single timesheet interface can be used for project and non-project tasks and serves the needs of both Finance and Project Management at the same time. TimeControl is available both as a hosted subscription service in the Cloud or for purchase for an on-premises installation.

TimeControl has been integrated with the Primavera Project Scheduler system since 1997. TimeControl integrates directly with both Oracle-Primavera's P6 Professional and Oracle-Primavera EPPM.

With TimeControl, a single timesheet can update tasks in Primavera with hours, labor and non-labor costs and progress, update the HR system with vacation, sick leave and personal time off tracking, update the payroll system or service with time and attendance and update the ERP or Finance system activity-based-costing and billing information. It keep track of multiple rates, banked time, flex time and more.

Primavera and TimeControl
TimeControl and Oracle Primavera

Some key functionality that makes TimeControl an ideal companion to Oracle-Primavera include:

  • The Matrix Approval Process for Labor Actuals™

  • Automated Business Validation Rules

  • Extensive Rate Management with unlimited rates per resource

  • Manage Vacation, Sick Leave, Personal time banks

  • Manage Banked Overtime

  • Included integration with P6 and other project systems

  • TimeControl Mobile interface for tablets and smartphones

  • Missing Timesheet management

  • Automated email notification

  • Compliance with the DCAA, Sarbanes-Oxley, R&D Tax Credits and numerous other government or auditable requirements

For those organizations working in Construction, Shutdown/Maintenance Turn-arounds, Offshore or hazardous environment projects or any other situation where many of the staff will not be accessing a computer, TimeControl Industrial is a version of TimeControl which includes crew scheduling.

HMS Software is an Oracle Gold Partner.

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    Note: This webcast requires registering with the TimeControl/HMS Software website which is free.

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