The TimeControl Material / Equipment / Production Interface

TimeControl Industrial brings field data collection beyond timesheets with Entry for non-labor values like material usage, equipment expended and even production values.

When collecting data from the field, the crew timesheets only make up part of the requirements. TimeControl Industrial also includes a Material / Equipment / Production module that allows non-labor entries to be collected. This highly flexible entry module is included both in the web-browser interface and as a full Windows Application.

TimeControl Industrial Material Entry
TimeControl Industrial Material Entry

The Material / Equipment / Production Entry module combines a Material Entry type along with TimeControl's Resource entries and Material Rates entries. The Rate system allows a denomination to be tracked which is defined by you. So, need to track material by meters or yards or both? No problem. Need to track a price per Cubic Yard? Again, no problem. Need to track individual units or pallets? Easy. This is all definable in the Rates Table.

Each entry in the TimeControl Rate table can also hold up to 9 separate values. So if you need to track the estimated price, the actual delivery price, the invoiceable price and the internal cost of any item, you can do so easily. Creating Actual Cost vs. Estimated Cost vs. Client Invoice amounts are simple to do here.

You can adjust the interface to hide fields you don't normally use, enter defaults for entries that are always the same or display columns in any order.

Aside from this already highly flexible structure, the system can also be configured to allow an unlimited number of user defined fields to collect data from the field on almost anything.

Just like TimeControl Industrial's Crew Timesheets, there is also an Extended Rate structure for non-labor entries in TimeControl Industrial. This system allows multiple columns and even user-defined columns in the Material / Equipment / Production entry screen to be matched against entries in an extensive list of possible rates. This allows support for escalated rates, for different deliveries of the same materials or for conditions such as location, weather, day shift vs. night shift or other conditions to affect the cost, the price or both. Need to charge a different rate for a backhoe used at night instead of during the day? It's easy to do with this system.

Production values are often an element of field data collection that is essential on a project. Using a combination of Resource Codes and Rates in TimeControl Industrial's Material / Equipment / Production system you can enter production values for any project or even any task in any denomination you define. Need to track by cubic yards excavated or meters of pipeline completed, the entry can be done here and later used for reporting or transferred to any external system. Using the Crew Timesheet, Material Entry, Equipment Entry and Production Entry, TimeControl Industrial can tell you shortly after a shift is completed how much production was accomplished and exactly how much was spent to accomplish it.

Once the Material / Equipment / Production entries are complete, they can follow a unique approval path or the same path that the Crew Timesheets followed to get approval. Then they're ready to be moved to Finance for invoicing, job costing, contractor validation, purchase reconciliation as well as to a project management system.

You can also do Material Entry directly on the TimeControl Mobile App which includes functionality to add non-labor data collected from the field. For clients of TimeControl Industrial, this brings your field data collection to a whole new level. Now Material Consumption, Equipment Usage and Production Accomplished can be entered right on your Mobile Device wherever you are. The Mobile Materials module allows for new Mobile Entries to be created with an unlimited number of line items, each associated to a Charge Code. Existing Mobile Entries, created with a full screen browser can be edited by the Mobile App as well or Mobile Entries started on Mobile can be edited in a web browser. Approvals can also be done right on the App.

TimeControl Mobile App Material Entry
TimeControl Mobile App Material Entry

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